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Ask Babe: XXX-Mas

Dear Babe, What should I get a girl with good taste for Christmas? She hasn’t let me take her out yet. Of course, the good ones are hard at first.¬†Any suggestions? I don’t want to look like a fool and …

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Ask Babe: Hockey Fuck

Hi Babe, So I’m dating a pro hockey player and the holidays are near and I have no idea what to get him!! He already has everything. what do you think I should get him? Please help, Love J******   …

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Style Babe: I Could Dye

Has anyone else had this strange yet tantalizing experience lately: you decide that you haven’t eaten lunch in a while, so you pause Scream 2 on the Apple TV in your bathroom, hop in the car and run to Whole …

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Ask Babe: The “Yes List”

Dear Babe, Whats on your “yes list” for food? Love, C***   Dear Future Biggest Loser Contestant, I know, I know, I know. It can be hard to make the right food choices during the holidays, and if you don’t …

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