Ask Babe: Turban Warfare

Dear Babe,

Floral turbans: chic, or not so chic?




Dear Turbanator,

There is so much more to this question than the simple answer of “chic” or “un-chic.” As a former turban designer, I know first-hand that daring to wear one is less about the color/texture of the actual turban, and more about the attitude of the turban-wearer. The right turban on the right woman makes all the difference. Note the stance and demeanor of the model in the above photo: CHIC. Google a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City 2: UN-CHIC.

The best way to determine the chic factor of any fashion item is to ask yourself how you feel when you’re wearing it. If you put your floral turban on and you feel anything less than empowered/free/modely, you need to remove it ASAP, walk into your kitchen, turn on the garbage disposal, and say “au revoir!”



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