Design Babe: What’s in a Name?

My love for interior design rivals my love for fashion and shopping. Rooms are like bodies and furniture is like clothing. I pride myself on being able to feel a vision for a room. For example, I’ll walk into a space and blurt out, “this billiards room is wanting to be more Baz Luhrmann, and a little less Tara Reid,” which is kind of awkward when it’s Tara’s billiards room I’m talking about, and she’s standing right behind me, wobbling back and forth, only mildly coherent.

Anyway, I thought I would give you guys some valuable design advice: Like any good artist, you should always sign your work. I love a monogram moment. When I’m decorating, I always try to find a place to incorporate my name. Sometimes it’s inconspicuous, but sometimes bigger is better.


This was the entryway to my old apartment in NYC. You may notice that the “E” is missing. That is because my besty Gen (who is kind of a drunk) knocked it over and broke it at my holiday party. Chic, no?


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