Style Babe: I Could Dye

Has anyone else had this strange yet tantalizing experience lately: you decide that you haven’t eaten lunch in a while, so you pause Scream 2 on the Apple TV in your bathroom, hop in the car and run to Whole Foods for a bottle of water and a bag of wheat germ, and realize once you get there that everyone’s hair is pink and you’re not even on mushrooms anymore? Or you’re at Barneys and girls are spilling out of dressing rooms with mops of fire-engine, lavender, and cobalt? Girls (and boys) are dying their hair like it’s 1996 these days and the truth is, I think it fucking rules. Do, do, do.

BUT, lest I forget to acknowledge that Rihanna and Katy Perry etc have already beaten this trend into a bloody pulp, so let’s all decide to take it to the next level. For instance, take a cue from your favorite childhood pet and blanche your hair in a melange of greys, or celebrate your dead dog’s life with a spotted display of ivory and caramel. Or maybe you oughtta try pitch black, with a lion cut. I’m feeling this will bring us closer to nature, and closer to our pasts; something we could all afford to do around the holidays. I just want you psychos to at least feel good about your hair, because lord knows you won’t feel good about your body again until about mid-January. OMG TOTES KIDDING MAYBE.

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