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Ask Babe: Kittens?! What the fuck.

Babe, I just adopted two kittens, that I would love to get rid of now (less than a week later). How do I go about doing this without looking like complete scum? Thanks. L******     Cruella, Right now I’m …

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Stylecaster Babe: How To Dress For An Internet Date

Hi Psychos, If you’re at all like me, you hate internet dating with the passion of 1,000 flaming Birkins. But sometimes, once you’ve eaten 1/4 of a cookie and your ex hasn’t even BOTHERED to text “I Love You” back …

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Ask Babe: Going the Distance

Dear Babe, Over the holidays I hooked up with a guy that I’ve known through mutual friends for a long time. The problem is, he lives in L.A. and I live in Las Vegas! We’ve exchanged a couple texts since, …

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What kind of sicko only has one therapist? #whitegirlproblems