App Babe: LOOM

Let’s be honest, we all spend way too much time eye-fucking our technology.

97.6% of my day is made up of working/staring at my iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, white iPhone, or white iPad. At any given moment I’m either tweeting, blogging, looking at porn, texting, sexting, anorexting, or taking pictures of myself. In fact I don’t actually talk to anyone anymore at all. There’s really no need. I literally haven’t spoken one word in 2012.

Obviously I’m obsessed with my phone and all of my apps, and because all of you readers seem to be hell-bent on knowing any and every detail about me, I thought I would share one of my faves, it’s called LOOM. I was originally drawn to it because I thought it said GOOP, so I bought it. Now I realize that it’s not GOOP, and it’s something totally diff, but I still think it’s super rude and fun.

It’s like the cutest little app that does the cutest little thing with your photos.  So first you take a photo with your phone:

Then the LOOM app lets you choose from all of your Instagram photos, or all of your Twitter follower’s picture icons, or all of your Facebook friend’s profile pictures, and it makes a mosaic of the picture you took:

This is one of me sleep-standing in the woods on a hot day while I was in rehab (cover your legs in peanut oil, and this ritual is amazing for the skin on the back of your calves TRUSSSSSTTTT). I took it on my white iPhone 4S and then had LOOM recreate it with all of my Twitter follower’s crazy little faces. Which means that if you look really closely, you may see yourself in this image.  And if you look really, really closely then you may catch a glimpse of your own reflection in your iPhone or computer screen and realize what a total fucking PYSCHO you actually are!

You can check out the app at

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