Ask Babe: Jungle Fever

Dear Babe,

I come from an ultra conservative white family who are not exposed to interracial couples. So I have been seeing this guy who is African American and we recently started dating. How do I tell my parents without them going psycho?




Dear Heidi Klum,

I’m sorry that you were born into a family of racists, but it’s not your fault because you can’t choose your family.

What you need to know is that love conquers all, or whatever. You should never be influenced by what other people think of your guy. If you love him, then go ahead and love him, even if he’s a 80 year old adult magazine pioneer or an ex-con, or a soap opera actor.

If anyone in your family gives you shit about bringing home somebody “different,” just tell them that you will pray for their lost souls.  Gets them every fucking time.

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