Ask Babe: Tats

Dear Babe,

Are tattoos ever acceptable? Or do they forever mark you as white trash?



Dear Kat Von D,

Tattoos are one of the greatest ways to express your personal journey to the world. I’ve personally had about 17 tattoos, and about 16 tattoos removed. My mantra is if I NEED to commemorate a moment in time with some ink, I go for it, and ask questions later. I’ve had it all: band names, boyfriend’s names, boyfriend’s dad’s names, my name, mantras, chants, Japanese characters, Chinese characters, Star Wars characters. I just don’t stick with any one thing for very long, because I’m a Gemini and my tastes change rapidly. So I’d say, tattoos are definitely acceptable, but make sure you find a great tattoo artist and an even better tattoo removal artist.

The following types of people can pull off “ink”:

1. People who don’t give a fuck what others think of them.
2. Hot male actors who don’t give a fuck what others think of them, i.e. Johnny Depp,  Tom Hardy, Michael J. Fox
3. Me (Before I get them removed)
4. Felons/Gang Members
5. Angelina Jolie
6. Holocaust Survivors
7. Susan Sarandon
8. Lesbians

But the truth is, if you’re using the term “White Trash,” you’re at a higher risk of becoming “White Trash” yourself. So let’s just go ahead and not get a tattoo.



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  1. valerie costa Avatar

    Babe, how do you feel about tattoo removal? Are you pleased with yours (assuming so since you’ve done it repeatedly). I have a Japanese character (or so I think) on my lower hip (prime future pregnant belly stretching zone) and figure I can wait until it stretches and then cover it, or get it removed…thoughts?

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