Ask Babe: We All Do This


The guy I´ve been dating who is 8 years older than me sometimes makes me sick. He acts like a teenager, but when I spend a lot of time with him I really like it. The problem is, I don´t know if I should stop dating him. It might be that there are more moments that he puts me aside than the time he actually pays attention to me. He is always super busy, he barely calls or texts me during the day. Am I a psycho-bitch???




Dear Confused,

I kind of tuned out for most of this. Like, I don’t really understand the way you speak or something. Also, all I’ve had to eat today was a plate of shadows, so I’m a bit delirious.  But I want to address a point that you’ve brought up at the end of your long and rambling question: Are you a psycho bitch???

You are NEVER a psycho for needing your boyfriend to text or call you back. Don’t you let ANYONE tell you otherwise. You are a woman and you have to be heard.

You are not a psycho for taking your phone into the shower with you in case your bf responds to a text. I’ve invested in an in-shower, translucent, waterproof phone box for this exact reason.

You are not a psycho for taking 6 sick days off work to stay in bed crying because he hasn’t texted you back.

You are not a psycho for liking the way the cold bathroom floor feels against your face.

You are definitely not a psycho for going on a hunger strike until he calls you.

You are not a psycho for texting his dad to ask him if his son is still alive. Even if this involves fabricating a story about a heroin addiction.

You are not a psycho for telling your parents that you just think you should move back home because the men in your town don’t “get” you.

Basically, break up with the geezer, then shut up and find someone who will give enough of a rat’s ass to text back a simple “I’ll take you to Paris.”

Wait, what was the question again?

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