Book Babe: Signed Copy Contest!


It’s a New Year, and I’m celebrating a new me, a new you and a new everything. In honor of my fresh start, I threw out my entire wardrobe. Well, I didn’t actually throw it out. But I did have my bff/maid put all my clothes in a temperature-controlled storage unit somewhere in the Valley, so it was pretty much like throwing them away. Moving on.

I have some really exciting news about my new memoir: I have 30 signed, advanced copies of my book, and they’re for YOU!

Well, the smart ones.

I wanted to just hand them over to you guys, but my stuffy publisher claims they’ve spent billions of dollars on this project, so I can’t go around giving away free books.

Here’s the deal on my Oprah moment — I will send an advanced, signed copy to the first 30 people who pre-order my book on amazon and then email the purchase confirmation page to me:

All you have to do is click on this link:


 Once you purchase the book make sure to email me with your receipt and your name, so I can Google you and see if you’re hot. JK I would never Google you, but I will send a personalized message, should your heart desire, weirdo.

The advance copy will be mailed to you next week so you will get to read my book way before anyone else and then brag to all of your friends about it. People will be so jealous of you and literally none of your friends will be able to talk about anything else for at least the next month.



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