Babe Walker x DANNIJO

If you even care about my life, you know how obsessed I am with Jodie and Danielle Snyder, the chic duo behind DANNIJO. I recently decided to bring them both a kale smoothie and drop in on their showroom in the Meatpacking District in NYC to peruse their latest collection/buy myself a present for being a New York Times Bestselling Author. Here’s what happened:

I hung out in the bead room to meditate and allow my aura to decide what color stories it was identifying with.

After that I was feeling really faint from all the energy I expended, so I ate a Diet Coke.

The girls and I had a great conversation about mantras. I couldn’t tell them mine, because it’s a secret and my Shaman would kill me, but they shared theirs with me: Put A Bib On It. Evidence:

Then I perused the showroom itself–chic pieces everywhere.

Two hours and fifteen minutes later, I’d picked out some presents for myself. Because I have a shopping addiction, I decided to keep my purchases to a bare minimum:

Super low-key, and something for every occasion. When I got back to LA I had the sweetest note waiting for me:

You can see more detailed pics of my fave purchases below, and buy your own baubles here.


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