Fashion Babe: The Penguin Glove

When I was in New York for fashion week, I decided to pop by the Chris Benz presentation  because his hair is major, he’s an incredible talent, and I’ve known him for years.  According to Chris, this season is all about the “Penguin Glove,” and I totally concur. There is nothing more becoming than looking like you have a cloven hoof, or that your hands are actually flippers–let’s face it, the only thing chicer than having five fingers on each hand, is having three. Chris has a knack for being very “Next” (that’s just how he rolls) so don’t be surprised when every girl and gay on the block is sporting patent penguin hands next winter.

Also, while I was at the presentation I literally saw the biggest fucking Celine bag that has ever existed. It was a tent. You could fit 14 Brussels Griffons in this thing. Soooooooooooo rude.







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