Ask Babe: The Long Of The Short

Dear Babe,

Living in a beach town, I’m really into the shorts and wedges look for summer. The only problem is I grew up playing soccer and have really muscular legs. My question: what is the best way to pull this look off without looking like a low-end prostitute? Or is there no hope for girls with thicker legs like mine?



Butch Legs Person,

You have nothing to be ashamed of. I may preach a thin leg game, and I may have trained my upper thigh muscles to pulse while I sleep at night so I can shed ounces during the off-hours, but I totally think girls with sexy, strong, athletic, lesbian legs should have the right to be free.

My advice for a chic shorts look, is this: shorter shorts. Yes. Wide shorts will make you look wider. Long shorts will make you look stupid. But a tiny-just-frayed-below-ass denim shorts moment could be your moment. Or a super short pair of black or navy leather shorts always does the trick. I really hope this works and that your legs aren’t actually, like really humongous and helpless. Send me a pic!

Oh, and regarding the wedges…most male soccer players I’ve dated have mangled feet…so I don’t really know what to say to you about that. Put it’s probably a “no”.

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