Ask Babe: The White Rule

Hey Babe,

I just bought this fabulous pair of Giuseppe Zanotti white peep-toe pumps. I am dying to wear them, but I am confused on when it’s okay. I figured if anyone would know this for sure…it’d be you. I know the cut off is Labor Day, but some people say not before Memorial Day and others say Easter. I can’t fuck up this rule while wearing such fabulous shoes! Thanks Babe.

Oh yeah, your book really toned my abs. I couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks!!!!!



Dear Person With Good Taste,

In fashion, there are no rules, unless you live in the Midwest, which is the only place I’ve heard of that abides by said Memorial Day/Labor Day guidelines. I say wear what you want when you want. Fashion is freedom. The state of your abs tells me you’re probably a smart girl, who knows what she’s doing.

A super wise, famous, humanitarian/Sean Penn once told me the following parable: “Feeding those who are in need of food is good. But teaching them how to provide for themselves is infinitely better.”  I think that little anecdote applies here as well. As the style and life coach to all you little psychos, I could sit here and tell you what to wear and when to wear it, or I could teach you how to be fashionable, and confident in your decision making. I believe in you. I believe in all of you. So I’m leaving you to make this decision on your own. I know you will make it work. Godspeed.


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