Ask Babe: Too Young?

Dear Babe,

My boyfriend of only a year told me that he wants to marry me. I am a senior in high school and I love him so much that I couldn’t help but smile and tell him that I felt the same. But now I’m scared of missing out on my twenties. Especially since he wants to join the navy. It’s just a mess.



American Girl,

You’re completely fucked.

Just kidding. This is a toughie, though. If I had a heart, I’d feel for you and then I’d be involved emotionally which you don’t want anyways. The question here is: do you love him? Like, do you love him more every single day that you know him? Do you scroll through old text convos with him from when you first met? Do you see yourself being comfortable smoking a joint with his mom? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then my best advice is to run away to the closest city and tell no one.

If this is not convenient for you, then maybe what you do is just be totes and completely honest with him. You guys are young as fuck, it doesn’t need to be so serious. Just tell him that you’re for sure into him in the most major way possible, but you feel like making a plan as psycho as marriage is too over the top psycho for you, at the moment.

The most important component in this fucked up situation is you and you being the appropriate age and weight at your wedding. So make sure that you’re not jumping le gun. A few years back, I really fucked up by buying pieces from one of Jeremy Scott’s early seasons, sight unseen. This was obvi before Karl Lagerfeld said that Jeremy is the only designer who could succeed him at Chanel. That was a foolish decision and I’ve learned from my mistake. In life, it’s never wise to buy next season just because it’s next season. Am I wrong?

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