Babe Walker x Vanity Fair

Hello Psychos,

Guess who’s featured in the April issue of Vanity Fair? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Amanda Bynes. C’est moi! VF decided it would be really cute for everyone to read about my Paris Fashion Week adventures (oh yeah, I’ve been in Paris this whole week. P.S. – it’s so cold here, and I can’t find a single Alaïa sheepskin jacket that harmonizes with my current chakra).

Even though it’s an honor to be in such a well-renowned publication, I’m kind of stressed that my dermatologist is going be furious when she reads this and finds out that I traveled overseas in a plane that didn’t have a built-in humidifier. Oh well, you can’t cage a free-spirit.

I want to celebrate my success with all of you psychos, so I’ve decided to do a little giveaway contest. Here’s the deal:

You all have until 12AM EST on March 11 to leave a comment in the below “comments” section, telling me what your biggest White Girl Problem is. On March 12th, I will choose my favorite one, and the winning commenter will receive a signed copy of the April Vanity Fair issue, and an original, framed fashion sketch from my book. But you won’t get the Hermès scarf. That’s mine. Forever. Stop looking at it, psycho.

Update: I’ve chosen the winners for the contest. Yes, I said “winners,” because I decided to choose one real winner who’ll get the signed magazine and a drawing, and a knockoff winner who will get a signed magazine. My life, my rules. Congrats to the following psychos and their psycho comments:

Kkrox139: College won’t let me major in boots.

Emma: My pets want pets.

Ladies/Shims, please send your mailing information to babe @ babewalker dot com, ASAP to receive your prizes.

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  • JK

    Interacting with the masses really screws up my classy aura. And its dirty..

    • KMS

      I called my boyfriend’s ex girlfriend a “dirty whore”.

  • DContheRun

    Is the mirror in my apartment a fat mirror, or are all the mirrors in my office skinny mirrors? 

  • curran

    My friends are too poor to go shopping with #whitegirlproblems 

  • Sherilyn Delgado

    My dad won’t give me his black AmEx to cover my shopping “needs” 

  • Blakeslee

    Mommy’s taking me to Paris this summer and insists we stay at The Crillon like we always do, instead of a boutique hotel in the Marais.

  • SLD

    My dad won’t buy me the new Gucci Fiat convertible (obvi), because my limited edition 3-series is more “practical” #whitegirlproblems

  • AR

    i got bain de soleil on my white chloe bikini.

  • Kkrox139

    College won’t let me major in boots. 

  • Joff

    I shouldn’t even have to tell you.

  • Jonasf

    all I’ve eaten for the past three days are smart water ice cubes and seaweed smoothies. My nutritionist/psychic/yogi is trying to cleanse my chakras.

  • Ji Ahn Suh

    I thought I had more pride and money than this, but free shit still excites me and I’d like to win.

  • Kissy

    My boss’ daughter.

  • Minervakate

    I just used the last page of my limited edition Moleskine notebook and my iPad 3 won’t let me personalize my own font.

  • Anonymous

    Some of my closest friends proclaim to know me so well.  If that is really true then why do they get so offended and their feelings hurt when I go off on them?  Shouldn’t they be expecting it? 

  • Alex

    whoever invented croutons has serious issues

  • Rempoutzakou_alexia

    Why can I not work as a professional fashion blog procrastinator?

  • Jessica Quam

    I’ve gotten 125 emails today from Ebay about 1965 GTO car parts because my father’s too “slow” to create his own account. So he uses mine, yep he spends thousands on his “baby”  but bitches about cosigning my student loans. #whitegirlproblems 

  • Rempoutzakou_alexia

    Can I name my child Hermés Ghesquière?

  • Anna

    Can I name my child Hermés Ghesquière?

  • Anna

    Can I name my child Hermés Ghesquière?

  • Alaina

    Why can I not work as a professional fashion blog procrastinator?

  • Lindsey Bre

    I’m sorry that when you stand next to me, it makes you look fat.

  • Stephanie C

    My bedroom faces the sun #whitegirlproblems

  • meg.

    Why am I not Babe Walker? #whitegrlproblems

  • Kelly

    It’s hard to fit my new Jeep in the garage of the condo my Dad bought for me.

  • Synn

    My friend won’t go to Jamaica with me so we have to go to Barcelona. Theres so much art and culture there…but I can’t wear a bikini. #whitegirlproblems 

  • Claudiasohrab

    My entire life relates to everything in the ‘White Girl Problems’ book. #whitegirlproblems

  • kt

    I just finished reading an article about being “skinny fat.” 

  • Lodazve

    I’m not you.

  • Stylebylaurendoyle

    I had the worst hangover New Years day after raging at the Box in NYC and making out with Lady Gaga #whitegirlproblems

  • b.j.

    Studying abroad is overrated. I can’t be fashionably miserable in the south of France like I could in NYC. 

  • Jacksonmn2

    My professors actually expect me to be on time when I have so many things to deal with like matching my lip gloss to the lace on my thong. 

  • CeeCee

    I mean, I’m 28 and I have a good job and then, like all of a sudden, my dad tells me its time to start paying my own bills..?!

  • Jordan

    My mom and I are in a fight, so she tried to win me over by getting me a pair of Prada shoes.  But I know they were on sale.  Nice try, you crazy bitch.

  • MirrorMirror

    I am surrounded by ugly people.   #WGP

  • Shdance

    I want to give up food for Lent, but I’m not Catholic. #whitegirlproblems

  • Jules

    Finding something new to do in Paris because I’ve been so many times. #whitegirlproblems

  • Merika Stout

    My daddy says I have to “choose” which purse I can take home with me. I want them all.

  • Mkeane2161

    My therapist isnt taking our breakup so well, considering a restraining order.

  • Shannon_newby

    Why isn’t wine a food group? Or is it a fruit? I don’t know. Shut up.

  • Anonymous

    The wind is blowing my hair into my lipgloss. So not chic.

  • Burrowsjmay33

    I swear my cleaning ladies are always talking shit about me…. That’s why they always talk to eachother in Spanish.. #whitegrlproblems

  • Tara Lynn

    I saw a new physician today that ALMOST didn’t fill my Adderall..

  • mwalker0810

    my hairdresser is going on maternity leave. that selfish bitch. 

  • Kduvall

    I go to a school that’s 75% males, and of the females I’m one of 5 chic ones and the boys aren’t all obsessed with me. #whitegirlproblems

  • Joe

    I’m driving a Ford Fusion while my Audi is in the shop. Don’t even.

  • katie rose

    My biggest White Girl Problem is definitely how I get soooooooo sleepy in the late afternoon. And late morning. And early afternoon.

  • Cameron Thomas Nord

    My problem is my summer! I have so many thing s that I want to do but I can’t do them all. Summer school do I can graduate early but that means I can’t go to the south of France or my fathers ranch in Montana or to the Caribbean with my mother (Turks and Ciacos). But I also wanna work on this movie in Miami but them I can’t do anything I said before. Well maybe France and Montana but then it won’t feel well rounded without the Midwest.
    White girl problems

  • womp

     can’t get into college cause i’m not a minority #whitegirlproblems

  • MindpandQ25

    My yoga instructor canceled the 7:15 class tonight. Now what will I do for exercise

  • Angela

    I don’t like the company that I’m going to inherit from my dad.

  • Enicke2

    Why doesn’t my steering wheel have a built on heater?

  • Hpfan45

     my subconscious told me to talk to you today when you visited my dream last night. 

  • Emily Beisel

    I can’t pull off a middle part.

  • maygan

    My boss hates me because I’m beautiful and everyone stares at me in meetings. Honestly, can she blame them? #whitegirlproblems

  • DeRose

    Seeing my boyfriend annoys me, because it’s a constant reminder that he is not, and never will be Ryan Gosling

  • Katl929

    My biggest white girl problem is that all of my chanel bags chains hurt my perfect shoulders in the worst of ways. 

  • bornandbredbeautiful

    “No substitutions.”

  • NBosco

    It was hard asking my parents for $1000 to go to the DR but I got over it. I am my greatest investment. Theirs too.

  • Liz

    Hunger is my stomach’s punishment for being hungry. Think about it.

  • physco

    who am i?

  • Lix

    There’s only Coke Zero.

  • Anonymous

    I have a really hard time conversing with people who don’t watch Gossip Girl religiously.

  • Moji Igun

    Is it bad that I think the Invisible Children of Uganda would look great in your nature-inspired dashikis? #whitegirlproblems


    You want to borrow something of mine? Okay, what do I get to “borrow” of yours? (and make sure its 3x more expensive).

  • Marla Page

    I just hate waking up.

  • Alyssa Grabowski

    My boyfriend keeps talking to me. Where can I get the kind that just like cheap vodka and sex? #whitegirlproblems

  • Chiggy Lite

    If my boyfriend doesn’t accessorize correctly one more time, I swear to god. 

  • Rebbrenner

    My dual-zone wine chiller buzzes and my white noise machine doesn’t drown it out.

  • Sylvi

    My shaman won’t fly with me to Europe because he has a “family emergency” and they aren’t serving vodka vodkas in first class. Ugh.

  • Emma

    my pets want pets.

  • Maggie

    no matter how much i expect it not to, sparkling water just tastes so much like water 

  • Anna

    When I eat Diet Coke for lunch, my boyfriend tells me I need more protein. I tell him I need to have the body of Gwyneth.

  • Emily

    You put salt on your lemon salad: are you trying to make me gain weight, psycho? p.s. that scarf is harshing me out- change the photo. 

  • Martacorp

    I hate fat people

  • Oohsuzyq

    I woke up at 730 for a four hour long hair appointment at 8AM. blonde hair + dark roots = #whitegirlproblems

  • Kate

    My birkin is red-red but my lipstick is pink-red. 

  • Megan Kincaid

    My “friend” tricked me into going to TJ Maxx. Now I smell poor. To Barney’s, PRONTO. #whitegirlproblems

  • ann

    I’m better than everyone else. #WhiteGirlProblems

  • Kappestastic

    my biggest white girl problem: The bitch that does my manicures wont stop to let me answer my text messages. She’s probably just jealous because she doesn’t have any friends texting her about how awesome she is like I do. What can I say, its hard to be pretty and popular.

  • David

    Up until I went to college I really thought you only needed to consume 500 calories a day…. Oops.

  • Camila Moreno

    This whole organic-only diet got so much easier when I found out cocaine is derived from the cocoa plant. 

  • Grace

    My boyfriend’s gay. And skinnier than me.

  • Cefossett

    My biggest white girl problem is that you’re not including that Hermès scarf!

  • Deborah

    The ATM does give me a choice of the denomination. I want one hundred dollar bills not a crazy amount of twenties!

  • Katelyn PhiSig Kappes

    I don’t have a Birkin, I live in Kentucky and I don’t know Babe Walker

  • nnaatt

    My idiot personal trainer made me do extra squats and when I finally got to my yacht I missed the sunset. So fired.

  • MindPandQ25

    I felt an inner urge to discover my perfect scent, besides Dolce and Gabbana The One, or Daisy. Now I smell like the inside of a sorority house #ew # whitegirlproblems

  • Caro

    I’m over people looking at me.

  • Sara

    I can’t tie my brand new combat boots midway because they’re too loose around my legs. Sorry I don’t have fucking cankles, psycho.

  • Kt

    My maid drives a nicer car than me.

  • #whitegirlproblem

    my boyfriend’s wife is so needy. 

  • Luisa

    Having to carry around two Birkins because I can’t decide which one to wear.

  • G.G.

    My biggest white girl problem is trying to narrow down my biggest white girl problem.

  • S-

    I don’t need your scarf! I’ve been wearing my own since pre-school. #whitegirlproblems

  • Miranda

    Biggest white girl problem: I’m a white girl.

  • Park

    I just ingested a large gust of wind. So full. #whitegirlproblems

  • kimberly houston

    my favorite color is grey-eige. #whitegirlproblem

  • Claudiamcneilly

    I love how hungry I am right now. #whitegirlproblems 

  • Sadie

    My house cleaner lost weight.

  • NicholeMarieStarnold

    I have to drive an Audi while my G Wagon is getting detailed. #WhiteGirlProblems

  • AP

    What’s McDonald’s?

  • L.

    I’m too skinny to give blood

  • Thida

    The edge of my black AmEx cut my cuticle and ruined my manicure. I cried.

  • Gina

    to avoid conversation, my boyfriend started sewing when i told him i felt like the man in the relationship

  • JK

    I love going to super chic restaurants, but hate that I’m expected to eat there. 

  • Ebpyeatt

    Sometimes I seizure in my sleep, but my therapist says it’s normal. #whitegirlproblems

  • LS

    you’d be cute if you weren’t ugly

  • Rissa

    My biggest white girl problem is that I’m not white…that and the white girls I drink with.
    Totally problematic.

  • Sherry

    my boyfriend doesn’t understand why I asked for my boss to pay for my yoga studio membership instead of health insurance. my parents already pay for my health insurance. I don’t understand what he doesn’t understand.

  • Em

    My friend has gained 3 pounds. I caught her eating and she didn’t even have the decency to throw up afterward. She claims it’s just the pregnancy but that’s no excuse. I know baby bumps are in, but it’s seriously bad for my qi to be around fat people.

  • Mackeemail

    I’m hungry 

  • Clare

    My dad just informed me that he would prefer me obtaining an actual degree, while I’m in college, rather than just my MRS degree… I guess “How to be a housewife 101” didn’t cut it for him. He’s so inconsiderate. #WhiteGirlProblems

  • Molly Houston

    Men all look at me exactly the same way.

  • Lili

    I got colossal diamond earrings for my birthday. They weren’t from Tiffany’s. 

  • Christin

    I can’t renew my driver’s license before I go to spend a year in Switzerland

  • Lillian

    Nothing tastes as good as having the body of a six year old feels. 

  • Lilian

    Just found out that my best friend/worst enemy wears the same perfume as me. Signature scent ruined! I really should invest in mixing my own custom blend with Frederic Malle at Barney’s. 

  • Nina

    I don’t think my future husband will ever notice me. 
    Oh, and he’s 20 years older than me. 
    Oh, and his name is Bradley Cooper. 

  • Leland

    My bengal cat just went into labor on my new Egyptian cotton bed sheets.

  • Kappestastic

    The bitch that does my manicures wont stop to let me answer my text messages.

  • Hillary

    I don’t know how to reply to a super cute text from the boy I’m talking to. #whitegirlproblems

  • Katelyn PhiSig Kappes

    I don’t have Gwyneth Paltrow’s body

  • hana

    all these “problems” are so fucking lame. thats my problem. stop it.

  • thenextblake

    Bangs are a lie. I can’t even tell if you’re fat anymore.

  • Kelsey Jo

    Psychos keep stoping me on the street and asking if I’m Babe Walker. Sorry everyone is so obsessed with you/me. #biggestwgp

  • thenextblake

    My favorite fur coat didn’t go over well at my favorite vegan restaurant.

  • Placcie

    My gynaecologist has a better manicure than me

  • Lexie

    People wanna be me more than I do.

  • Bert

    My personal assistant, maid, chauffeur, lawyer, astrologist, chef, surgeon, trainer are all on strike #whitegirlproblems

  • Klawrence102489

    Is he technically my boyfriend?

  • notwhitebabe

    biggest white girl problem: is the fact that im not white

  • Mandy

    My biggest white girl problem is taking to many Xanax at my wedding and puking in my Berkin at my wedding reception

    • Abigail

      You’re what? Let’s hope you’re posting this from your white iPad and the autocorrect is disabled (for reasons that are obviously, beyond me).

      • Abigail

        Fuck, obvs posting from my boyfriend’s iPhone. I thought it would translate from French to English without me having to bottle feed it correct translation of  “votre”. I guess I’ve lost count of how much Xanax I’ve taken to care.

  • bmt

    airport bookshops aren’t selling white girl problems and neither my ipad, mac book air and white iphone won’t dowload it fast enough to board with the rest of first class. #whitegirlproblems

  • Sara

    My bitch therapist says its unhealthy that Barney’s is my first number on speed dial

  • Jnuzzo

    I know KNOY is awful, but look how skinny he got those child soldiers?

  • Sashabianca

    All my friends went to rehab without me

  • K Factor

    I don’t have a signed copy of Vanity Fair. Just a boring copy of the issue.

  • FPS

    “I have nothing to wear”

  • thenextblake

    I’ve never had a pimple, which means I can’t have my own Proactive commercials.

  • SAS

    My fat friend is on a weight-loss kick.

  • Emma

    my maid won’t stop cleaning to watch over me during nap baths

  • elisabeth ridgeview

    I’ve just made a dramatic exit from yet another job… after showing my work crush half naked pictures of the hot dominican cable guy who seduced me (to make him jealous of course) and then later drunkenly announcing to the office gossip that said crush was a disingenuous coward, I handed in my resignation letter to a supervisor I had once accused of stealing my ideas. 

  • Emma

    my naturally fluttery eyelashes are going lost in a world of latisse

  • carly

    How are you supposed to dress those invisible children in dashikis if they’re invisible?

  • DDinero

    The bitch that I pay to triple distill my diet water from the French alps just tried to talk to me. No, psycho, I don’t want to talk to you because you don’t speak  Gucci, Hermés, Chanel, Louis, Fendi, Prada, or any other white girl language for that matter. What could we possibly have in common? 

  • Trendsiety22

    Just found out when I swallow it isnt calorie free… Totally ef’d up my diet.. stupid white boys

  • Sloane Ermantrout

    I’m ready to go.

  • jessabelle

    My poodles and horses have more Hermés than I do

  • jessabelle

    spring break commences tomorrow, my boyfriend won’t speak to me, my pilot is on strike, my yacht crew contracted a rare disease from the Maldives, and I’m too fucked up from fasting on Xanax and vodka to deal with it

  • theoriginalbabewalker

    I went to high school with James Franco (OK not technically, because he’s older, but only by a few years). My mom knew his dad. I daydream about him. My last name is Walker. And I still haven’t slept with James! What the fuck!  OK maybe it’s because I’m married and have a 1 y/0 baby girl, but still. With a body this hot, Mr. Franco wouldn’t be able to resist. I’m your worst nightmare Babe Walker. Watch out. #whitegirlproblems

  • Samantha

    I can only ever love myself

  • Sarah

    I’m only part of Cape Cod’s summer community #whitegirlproblems

  • Katie Parker

    I wish everyone on the interstate would quit bright lighting me and realize the reason I’m going so slow is because I’m texting.

  • lacey.sanford77

    I have to drive to the lake house this weekend because the jet needs “maintenance”

  • Claudiasohrab

    GOOP have banned me from their website.

  • jojo

    my breasts are smaller than kate moss’s but implants would stretch my invisible tattoo and completely fuck with my mantra

  • Hattie

    My Dad is going through some kind of messed up midlife crisis and wants to go on a camping trip instead of our usual daddy/daughter therapy holiday in St Barths.  What the hell even is camping? More importantly – can you take a butler, maid, Hermés bag and Chanel with you? If not I’m going to St Barths alone.

  • Claudiasohrab

    some physco going by the name ‘G. K. Paltrow’ just filed a restraining order against me. Is this some kind of sick joke?

  • Dana

    Ambien and online shopping . #whitegirlproblems

  • Claudiasohrab

    Sometimes i cry myself to sleep at night because i worry that i’m never going to look as thin or fabulous as Gwyneth at the 2012 Oscars. My tears stain my egyptian cotton.

  • Liza

    A mouse eats more than I do.

  • Hannah

    I found my boyfriend in my gay roommates bed this morning #whitegirlproblems

  • Hello

    I have to go shopping because I’m flying to Vancouver tomorrow but I sooo don’t feel like doing that.

  • Emma

    some E! news rando took my spot at the tracy anderson LA studio

  • Calla

    all of my friends steal my looks. it doesn’t matter if they’re uglier, but it matters if they’re skinnier.

  • bmt

    ugh, my spanx are too big. #whitegirlproblems

  • Engey

    They ran out of Pellegrino. Settled for cocaine. #lunch

  • Calla

    seriously?! i’m expected to write in a blog for a fucking signed magazine. just send me the scarf now.

  • Calla

    i have nightmares about aging knees

  • Back from Betty Ford

    My dealer thinks we’re friends. How do I make it clear we’re not besties without losing out on the best coke north of Bogotá?
    P.S. Once upon an 8ball, I may or may not have given him a beej.

  • elyse

    My brand new BMW got dirty so now I have to get another one.

  • jaccpot

    My dentist suggested a few injections of botox.

  • Olivia

    I revealed too much too soon. I was emotionally slutty.

  • Melania

    I think my hair is straighter than my boyfriend. Whatever.

  • Berta

    I don’t have enough closet space for all my shoes, guess it’s time to move again. 

  • Morgan

    All the good ones are gay… even the straight ones.

  • Morgan

    All the good ones are gay… even the straight ones.

  • Virginia

    After careful consideration, I have decided that this is the year I am getting married.

  • Mogan

    Can you have an affair with your own boyfriend?

  • Morgan

    I swear on Chanel.

  • Hello_xD

    Everyone is trying to fatten me up.

  • Chenin

    I used to date an ex-con who actually thinks he is better than me…

  • Harlow Hayes

    my cat keeps spitting out her Xanax…which is leaving less for me.

  • CS

    Like, I literally don’t understand why my best friend loves her boyfriend. He’s fat, which makes me not trust him, or her. Plus, they don’t like kale chips. I’m surrounded by freaks. 

  • Samantha Elizabeth

    My boyfriend used to date a ginger…Will I get gingervitis?

  • Francesca

    My brother is a chef and my sister plays basketball for fun.

    • Francesca

      Never mind. I just remembered I’m adopted.

  • Kimbrell Km

    I’m an oil brat and my brother is an english major. Now all the expectations fall on me to actually do something right.

  • Abigail

    I’m jealous of my best friend because she can see my hair from all angles.

  • Leanne

    I spend all my time not eating. #whitegirlproblems

  • triSAMatops

    My boyfriend dated a ginger…Will I get gingervitis?

  • Megan

    I burned this GROSS Coach bag that I obviously got as a gift and I forgot to take out my xany and adderall stash. My psycho sister always steals my shit and I knew she’d NEVER look there. 

  • Rachel

    The Birkin I ordered got lost in the mail..

  • Megan

    My plastic surgeon says I don’t have enough fat to have liposuction. Um, my weight just hit 3 digits, there’s obvs a problem here, psycho.

  • vPhi11ips

    My boyfriend’s always such a cockblock.

  • Be

    Who even invented jobs? White Girl Problems

  • Olivia

    I can’t remember if I already took my adderall today. #whitegirlproblems 

  • Maria

    I’m not white

  • Synthetic Elegance

    My friends say I’m too thin to attend any of their weddings.

  • Blondie27892

    Well i have 99 problems…..but a bitch aint one of them.

  • Habes

    It’s hard being this good looking.

  • Megan S.

    My grandfather changes yachts like handbags and won’t give me one. #whitegirlproblem

  • Samantha

    I actually ate a bite of salad yesterday.  I’ve had diarrhea ever since.

  • QueenB

    Fuck, I spent all my cash last night. Hahaha yeah right. 

  • Moi

    My garbage disposal eats better than 98% of the world. #FMGL

  • Mindy Godel

    When it’s too windy for lipgloss. 

  • privilegedbitch

    I’m judging you.

  • Samantha

    My boyfriend used to date a ginger… Will I get gingervitis?!

  • Bunny

    I can’t go to hot yoga because my fucking land rover is in the shop.  UGH.

  • Michelle… it’s french, duh.

    Well, aside from being better looking than everyone… I’m the only funny person I know so I constantly have to practice my laughing so people that matter to me think its sincere.

  • ASG

    My fingernails are so heavy.

  • Sarah

    All my boyfriends are gay.

  • sassalicious

    randos keep offering me post sex bagels. do i look like i would eat a bagel? 

  • Lizzie Bellman

    My boyfriend gets mad at me when I drunknly make out with my gay friends. Hello, they’re gay! 

  • Brodie

    My spray tan is uneven because I lost my balance and almost fainted in the booth. It’s hard for me to keep my balance/energy now that I’m only eating a handful of almonds a day.

  • SEL

    I have no one to invite to my cousins wedding in the Caribbean, either they are not rich/classy enough to be around the people who are invited or they are too ugly to have the privilege to go with me.. #whitegirlproblems

  • Gracesroderick

    I really wish my jean size could be as small as my ACT score #whitegrlproblems

  • Miranda @ Biting Life

    I have too many clothes, they won’t all fit in my closets.

  • Ratnapath

    I don’t have a single Hermes scarf and this psycho would give me one even though she has TONNES

  • Ratnapath

    My iPhone ruined my entry

  • Molly

    I’m really trying to meditate but he wont stop sending me dick pics. 

  • Monica Goerlich

    How many psychos are writing in here?

  • Libby

    I didn’t know the difference between a 0 and a 00 until I could fit into the 00

  • Mlt

    I am the Blair Waldorf of my school, but my blonde friend will not accept that she is the Serena van der Woodsen.

  • Mimo Garber

    My white girl problem is that I’m not a white girl.

  • moorekathryn

    Look, I specifically asked for this IV to be filled with gluten-free vodka. I have a severe tap water intolerance.

  • moorekathryn

    Look, I specifically asked for this IV to be filled with gluten-free vodka. I have a severe tap water intolerance.

  • Disgruntled in Dior

    FB stalking my hair stylist who broke up with
    me because she changed her phone# after a 1:58 am txt I sent to get her ass
    over here for an emergency pre-booty call blow-out. Orlando waits for no one.
    Seriously, you’re gonna check-in at IHOP while I’m in crisis mode and his jet
    is landing?! BTW WTF is an IHOP?? #imareadthatbitch

  • Megan

    Elie sent me the finale dress from his f/w 2012 collection as a gift and it is too big. Does he seriously think I wear a size 2? EW.

  • Arthur Mendez

    These European sizes are

  • Arthur Mendez

    This European sizing is going to give me an anxiety attack.

  • Rivly Breus

    I went over to someone’s house before and found out they had one bathroom. Who the eff has one bathroom though? Don’t most people have at least three downstairs? Ugh.

  • Margaret Young

    My personal trainer’s hotness is annoying. I can’t say no when he tells me to do the Stairmaster. #whitegirlproblems

  • Emma Taylor

    I really dislike food and I get really pissed that I’m actually expected to eat something everyday. #whitegirlproblems

  • Gucci Whore

    My boyfriend bought me the wrong Chanel bag for my birthday so I didn’t eat for 3 days. I guess I really don’t have a problem then. Hello thinsperation.

  • Psycho

    My therapist broke up with me.

  • The Psycho

    My boyfriend’s hockey team just won state and it’s all he talks about.

  • Crazy Bitch

    I found out water is not a food group.

  • Chiara

    I hate when the Bellagio fountains remind me that I am getting older… or the Dubai Fountains

  • ed alaniz

    my chicest, thinnest nap will be when i’m buried 6ft above ground in my private mausoleum.

  • edandliz

    sarah burton. #whitegirlproblems

  • ANF

    My driver has the nerve to call in (He called my house-keeper. Are they having an affair?) to tell me he couldn’t pick me up today for my daily shopping spill bc of a death in his family. He has now forced me to drive my own Porsche (and it’s standard of course) to my house which is at the top of this f*n hill. In reality it’s a mountain in the middle of Beverly Hills. Oh well, Barney’s will totally stay closed for my private shopping spree for another 6 hours. They know me personally. Annoyed, A!

  • Adrienne

    My White Girl Problem?  Shopping requires walking/standing and there is nothing chic about a wheelchair.

  • Higginsmegan

    Does this restaurant expect me to eat my corn straight off the cob? Ew. If I ate food I’d be highly annoyed.

  • Varitter

    My house keeper just called to say that she had to leave today because of a “nail emergency”. HELLO! What about my panic attack that I am having because I just found out my chef decided to use ALL THE LEMONS! What am I supposed to eat now and who is going to go get them!! Doesn’t he know by now that is what my one meal of the day consists of.. kale and lemons.. guess I am stuck switching to my other meal choice, a glass of water.

  • @helenlind

    All the stretching areas were taken at the gym today, so I took over the predominantly male weightlifting area to do all my stretching and abs. I was the only female in that area, but this one guy kept talking on his cell phone and I tried to give him the evil eye so many times. I know he saw me staring him down but he just kept yapping. Next time I am bringing my noise cancelling headphones and or earplugs to drown out the wannabe actors. Why do I live between all the film studios? Ugh!!!

  • Cjohns

    I just lost 20 minutes of life reading the comments

  • le fox

    I slept through March 11th.

  • Clare Bendall

    My biggest white girl problem is that Im up before 12 noon and typing in a comment box. 

  • Lindsay Sprung

    It took me two months to subtly convince me friend that her Vintage Alexander McQueen Lace-Trimmed Silk Cream blouse made her look fat so she would give it to me. I don’t wear it, though, because I don’t do hand me downs.

  • Caro Calero

    it’s so hard being me

  • Alexapanico

    You know you are getting older when you decide to not partake in any Fat Tuesday crazy because your boyfriend is working & there is a new episode of ‘Dance Moms’ on at 9. #WhiteGirlProblems

  • Alexa Panico

    Oh the deadline was yesterday? Yea I slept through that one.  #Whitegirlproblems 

  • Alexa Panico

    Well, Mars is totally in retrograde and I’m out of adderall so yea like I said, not my fault. #WhitegirlProblems

  • Darce

    I missed this contest because I was sleeping. 

  • Tes Felling

    $1500 face cream or botox?