Babe Walker x Vanity Fair

Hello Psychos,

Guess who’s featured in the April issue of Vanity Fair? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Amanda Bynes. C’est moi! VF decided it would be really cute for everyone to read about my Paris Fashion Week adventures (oh yeah, I’ve been in Paris this whole week. P.S. – it’s so cold here, and I can’t find a single Alaïa sheepskin jacket that harmonizes with my current chakra).

Even though it’s an honor to be in such a well-renowned publication, I’m kind of stressed that my dermatologist is going be furious when she reads this and finds out that I traveled overseas in a plane that didn’t have a built-in humidifier. Oh well, you can’t cage a free-spirit.

I want to celebrate my success with all of you psychos, so I’ve decided to do a little giveaway contest. Here’s the deal:

You all have until 12AM EST on March 11 to leave a comment in the below “comments” section, telling me what your biggest White Girl Problem is. On March 12th, I will choose my favorite one, and the winning commenter will receive a signed copy of the April Vanity Fair issue, and an original, framed fashion sketch from my book. But you won’t get the Hermès scarf. That’s mine. Forever. Stop looking at it, psycho.

Update: I’ve chosen the winners for the contest. Yes, I said “winners,” because I decided to choose one real winner who’ll get the signed magazine and a drawing, and a knockoff winner who will get a signed magazine. My life, my rules. Congrats to the following psychos and their psycho comments:

Kkrox139: College won’t let me major in boots.

Emma: My pets want pets.

Ladies/Shims, please send your mailing information to babe @ babewalker dot com, ASAP to receive your prizes.

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