A Babe Walker Tutorial: The Facebook Trick

I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of emails I’ve been receiving from you psychos asking about the best way to get revenge on an ex/make a guy jealous/force a guy to notice you. It’s literally insane. So I figured I would share a little secret that my BFF Genevieve calls “The Facebook Trick.” I have a Facebook, but I don’t participate in Facebooking because it’s been proven that avid Facebook use slows down water absorption which can cause water retention which can cause puffiness. Not for me. Also, the Facebook people made  me go by “Barbara Walker” and I don’t do Barbara. Ever. So it wasn’t in the stars.

What you want is to drive your ex-boyfriend or your stupid crush totally crazy to the point that they’re stalking the shit out of you/worshipping your online presence, but you don’t want to be the kind of nutcase who’s posting bikini pics that everyone can see. That’s just sick and will only attract the wrong kind of attention. So here’s what you do:

Click on “add photos”

Then choose the photos you wish to upload:

Now name your album. Try to be chic/not too obvious about it.

This is the important part: In the area where it asks you who you want the album to be visible to, choose “custom.”

Then, in the “Make this visible to” section, choose “Specific People or Lists.” Type in the names of your target audience, ie. your crush, your ex, your boyfriend, your best friend’s boyfriend, your boyfriend’s dad, etc.

 Click “Save Changes” and voilà! You’ve created a strategic Facebook album of you looking stunning/flirty/carefree/gorgeous that will only be visible to the people you’ve chosen to torture. Remember, it’s best to underutilize this tool, as you definitely don’t want anyone catching onto you. Okay, you’re welcome. I need a smoothie.

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