Ask Babe: Chocolate

Dear Babe,

So, I’ve been dating this guy for something like a year and half. He’s totes hot. Tall, dark and handsome. And by dark I mean black. He’s smart, sexy, and sooooo turns me on. We look so hot together, not like Seal and Heidi, more like Halle and Gabriel (flip flopped). Yes, I’m in love. But there’s a problem. My dad is an uber asshole. He still lives in 1800’s Alabama, or at least he thinks he does. Any mention of my love’s name makes our house…lets just say WWIII breaks out. What do I do? Stay with him, or do what Daddy wants?



Dear Annabella Sciorra in “Jungle Fever”,

Fuck your dad. He sounds like a real piece of shit if you ask me. Love is blind–or at least color blind. I can’t abide you dating a hideous-looking troll, but if your boyfriend is hot and treats you well, then who cares what anyone thinks? Racism is an evil thing that stems from people’s insecurities about themselves, from their fear of differences in others, and most importantly from their inability to realize how cute a mixed race child can, and will be. See?

So when your dad is mouthing off about your new beau, just remember that your father is just an insecure little man who is afraid of what he doesn’t understand.  It’s really sad. But you are your own person and the decision is up to you. You don’t have to mention everything in your life to your father. I certainly don’t. Just leave out all the shit about your new BF and everything should be fine.

Or just break up with your dad. He sounds like he could use a good slap in the face.

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