Ask Babe: Gingers

Hey Babe,

Is it ever okay to fuck a ginger?



Dear Girl Who Is Seriously Asking Me This Question,

Not really. If you were wanting to fuck girl gingers, I’d say “absolutely,” because it’s common knowledge that girl gingers are way hotter than guy ones. However, I did some research and came up with three fuckable red headed males for you:

1) Ron Weasley

This was the hottest pic I could find. Sorry. But just remember: Harry Potter money.

2) Brian Scalabrine 

NBA player. Need I say more?

3) Prince Harry

Hello. This is a given.

Any ginge outside of these three people is a probably a no no. If you think you may have found another one that is acceptable, but not on this list, feel free to run it by me. I’ll be happy to take a look and give you my blessing, but chances are, the answer is “NEVER.” Hope this helps.


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