Ask Babe: Gingers

Hey Babe,

Is it ever okay to fuck a ginger?



Dear Girl Who Is Seriously Asking Me This Question,

Not really. If you were wanting to fuck girl gingers, I’d say “absolutely,” because it’s common knowledge that girl gingers are way hotter than guy ones. However, I did some research and came up with three fuckable red headed males for you:

1) Ron Weasley

This was the hottest pic I could find. Sorry. But just remember: Harry Potter money.

2) Brian Scalabrine 

NBA player. Need I say more?

3) Prince Harry

Hello. This is a given.

Any ginge outside of these three people is a probably a no no. If you think you may have found another one that is acceptable, but not on this list, feel free to run it by me. I’ll be happy to take a look and give you my blessing, but chances are, the answer is “NEVER.” Hope this helps.




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22 responses to “Ask Babe: Gingers”

  1. Truett0620 Avatar

    I’m always telling people that Ronald Weasley and Prince Harry are the only two hot gingers in the world. They think I’m kidding but I’m not.

  2. wing and well Avatar

    Even those three don’t do it for me. Child gingers creep me out the worst – why weren’t Children of the Corn gingers instead of blondes?

  3. Jbrookecompton Avatar

    For the record, I can name a few non-celebrities that would well make the cut.

  4. Dontworry Avatar

    What if the ginger in question is jacked, can sing, and is incredibly smart? 

  5. Lil Avatar

    Poor boy. His name is Rupert Grint, not Ron Weasley.

  6. Chedym Avatar

    Michael Fassbender ” Shame “, hello !!!

  7. Dina Avatar

    You seriously forgot Shaun White.. I’m kind of disappointed..

  8. Liv K Hauck Avatar
    Liv K Hauck

    Ugh have you seen scab in action though? He’s a total unsexy baboon.

  9. Savannah Avatar

    eddie redmayne is obviously way more fuckable than any of these fools. except prince harry. royalty trumps burberry model.

  10. Jrhabspride Avatar

    Um hello?!? Michael C. Hall (Dexter) and John Elerick (The Gentlemen’s Rant). ;)

  11. Krista Yarrington Avatar

    Kevin McKidd (Grey’s Anatomy) so aka: Owen Hunt

  12. Guest Avatar

    eddie redmayne. ftw.

  13. mollygolightly1 Avatar

    Edward Cullen :) Not in the film but in the books

  14. Dick van der Sloot Avatar
    Dick van der Sloot

    I have such a thing for gingers and auburn haired guys. Seriously, it’s almost a fetish. BUT you’ll are missing the point… ginger is a resessive gene and needs to be nurtured to keep it from dying out. Gingers need to be bred, in captivity if need be. Next time you see one on the street, or through the window of their house, kidnap them and lock them in your outhouse. When you have enough, let the breeding begin. Tazers may be needed as a light persuading tool. Also don’t feed them carrots as they can get quite agressive. I learnt that the hard way.

    1. Christine Avatar

      Oh wow you are so funnnnny! Hahahaha I can’t stop laughing!!

  15. My1name1is1sarah Avatar

    They’re are pleanty of good looking gingers out there! Plenty!!

  16. stella Avatar

    Babe, is Benedict Cumberbatch a doable ginger? 
    here are some references, let me now ASAP, i have him on the other line.

  17. bCrowley Avatar

    Wow, this is probably one of the shallowest blog posts I’ve ever seen.

    Anyone who takes this shit seriously should re-read the post but replace “Babe” with “Neo-Nazi” and “Ginger” with “N*gger”. Food for thought*…
    *which is clearly lacking here.

  18. Alice Avatar

    Ed Sheeran is pretty sexy, but then again I’m normally just listening and not watching.

  19. JoliePolie Avatar

    At my old job, the HOTTEST Ginger I’d ever seen worked in the cubicle next to me, and he was the Vice President of Bank Applications. I would flirt with him so hard. Then I found out he was married and my dreams were shattered. *Sigh*
    Current boyfriend is blonde, but I will always have a thing for hot gingers.

  20. doug Avatar

    Andrea of Perth loooves gingers :)

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