Ask Babe: Hair Down There

Dear Babe,

Pubic hair. What is a chic way to handle that?



Dear Unclear Pubes Person,

Pubic hair is one of the only things in life where the rules of chic do not apply. Some women can rock a full bush and totally get away with it, whereas others are best suited to a Hitler stash. And I’ll tell you this: Contrary to popular belief, Brazilians are not universally flattering. After spending the better part of my existence studying models’ grooming habits, I can tell you with full confidence that one must look within oneself (and be willing to experiment a little) in order to find the hairstyle that reflects what you want your vagina to say to the world. Be bold. Try out some different looks until you’ve locked down your signature coif. Sometimes it feels like everyone has the perfect hairstyle underneath their La Perla undies except for you, but trust when I say that we are all lost souls trying to make sense of our pubes, one wax at a time.

When it comes to maintenance, I have a trusted hair removal expert that I’ve been seeing every two weeks for years. She’s more than just a waxer. She gets me, she gets my creative sensibilities, and she’s not afraid to take risks. We strategize together over coffee before every session. I’ll bring her inspiration photos, we’ll discuss hair lengths, widths, shapes, colors and then go over what blend of wax will best suit my skin. I suggest you seek out your own pubic shaman/consultant/waxer and go from there. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with one of the chicest pube scenarios of all time, thanks to Tom Ford:

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