Ask Babe: Kale Smoothie Du Jour


What is your favorite Kale Smoothie recipe?!





First off, you can chill with the exclamation points. I love kale smoothies just as much as the next psycho, but let’s not be annoying about it. As you know, I’m constantly experimenting with my smoothies, especially those in the kale family. Last month I was obsessed with this cold seaweed-kale soup (which I would carry around all day in a thermos), but this month I’m featuring something a little bit sweeter.

The Pre-Pre-Summer Kale Smoothie

4 cups chopped kale (leaves and stems)

¼ cup homemade almond milk

¼ cup homemade coconut milk

1 pinch ground sweet paprika

1 pinch ground smoked paprika

1 drop of saliva

Add all of the ingredients to blender, puree until smooth but thick, serve in large glass over one ionized ice cube.

Enjoy kale time.

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