Ask Babe: Put A Ring On It

Dearest Babe:

My boyfriend finally put a ring on it… Well almost. We’re engaged, but I want to design my own ring. So here is my question to you, The Queen of all that is Chic, pear cut diamonds chic or not chic?




Dear Katherine Heigl,

Do not, and I really mean do not go with a pear shape engagement ring. By definition, something cannot be chic if it is the shape of a fucking pear! Think about it. How would you feel if someone referred to you as pear-shaped? Exactly.

Let’s take a look at some classy engagement rings that have graced the glossies over the past few months.

Kate Middleton’s Oval

She is chic. And so is this ring:

Originally worn by Princess Diana. Enough Said. Moving on.

Reese Witherspoon’s Huge Emerald

Although it’s annoying that she’s been married like, 47 times, her ring is huge and gorge.

Again, not pear shaped. Because that would be wrong.

Kate Hudson’s Even Huger Emerald 

Dear Kate: we love you. Just kidding.

Her ring, however, is major and again not pear. So congrats on that and Raising Helen.

Also, Kate is clearly hand flirting with Matt Lauer’s wrinkly little hand in this picture which is sick.

So there you have it. Pear is a no go in the everything department. You really shouldn’t even eat an actual pear. They are super carby and they will make you as puffy as Katherine Heigl, who by the way….wait for it: Has a pear-cut engagement ring.

Not chic.

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