Ask Babe: Tie-Dye For


Is tie-dye tacky?




The short answer to this question is: yes. However, there are times and places for tie-dye, but its level of difficulty is often insurmountably high. I mean, pulling it off and making it chic is no easy task. It can look rude when you don’t mean to be rude, or slutty when you don’t mean to be slutty, so you have to be careful. I’ve never met you, so to play it safe I’ll defer to some of my fave designers who have fucked with, and mastered, dyeing over the past few seasons.

Indian designer Ashish comes correct with these ferocious tie-dye imitations in sequin and jewels from his Fall 2012 offerings. A box of mushroom chocolates will accessorize these pieces perfectly. Also, all of this neo-hippie shit is the ideal utility when you’re trying to piss off your dad for any reason. It will totes give him acid flashbacks, which he can’t stand!

 The bitchy and beautiful boys at Proenza Schouler turned out some reptile tie-dye amazingness for Spring/Summer 2010. I still wear some of these pieces to sleep when I want to have jungle dreams.

You may think be thinking that this line looks a bit too stoner/Anthropologie with a side of never for my taste, but I love this LA-based British designer, Gregory Parkinson for when I’m feeling especially homeless-chic.

So, as outlined above, there are a few options when it comes to tie-dye, but always remember that it’s best worn as a statement piece. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like you’re at a Woodstock-themed Bat Mitzvah, and that would be fucking horrible.

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