Contest Babe: 1000th Tweet Winner! Psycho Of The Moment!

A huge thanks to all of you entered my 1000th Tweet Contest. My interns told me that a couple of you are super funny and that most of you are super not funny. Which is totally fine with me.

…and the “Psycho Of The Moment” is:


I’ve never seen/met her, so I can’t exactly vouch for her current hair situation, but I guess you should all “follow” her, or whatever you psychos do. Her winning tweet was:

If you think about it, Winona Ryder was actually born to die. #wgp1000

I also picked a couple runner ups: 

@KevinJaquez: I didn’t say I hated your complexion. I just said I would hate myself if I had your complexion. #WGP1000

@AlaynaMitteness: I got lost in my bed. #WGP1000

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