My Boyfriend: Your Boyfriend?

Apparently, all anybody wants is a fucking boyfriend these days. Maybe it’s the hot ass weather (I’m in NYC right now), but I’ve been getting like hundreds of emails/day from the gays and gals who visit the site, asking who to date and how to date them.

So instead of telling you who my boyfriend is at the moment, I thought I would put together a little list of guys that I approve of, who are currently on the market for you guys to date. So basically if you run into any of these elegibles on the street or at the local Whole Foods, run up to them and let them know that Babe Walker suggested that you say “hey”. I will text them all as soon as I finish this post and let them know to look out for you guys! Let’s begin:

The Instagram Billionaire Guys

The reasons here are pretty obvious and I hear SF area is beautiful this time of year. They are young, rich, and not ugly ugly. So go for it.

Dayo Okeniyi

This guy is in The Hunger Games. So…that’s it.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda has had some trouble in the past few months, so I feel like she may be up for it. I know she’s not a “guy” exactly, but I do feel like she could use a nice lesbian moment. I’m not sure it will revive her career in any special way, but I do feel like it will revive her soul. So if you do see her out and about, try and get her number. You never really know ?

Keep me posted on how this goes for you guys.

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