Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

This week there is only one thing/person to praying for: Jennifer Aniston.

I still hate you overall, but I’m not an evil human being who has zero compassion in my heart. This must be a hard time for you. In the past 7 years, Brad and Angie have had 6 kids and lived in like 5 countries and have gotten at least 4 Oscar nominations and won 3 humanitarian awards and eaten dinner at my house 2 times and gotten engaged 1 time.

In that same time period you were doing this:

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  • Jesse Suphan

    I have come to LOVE Sunday prayers! It def part of my Sunday routine, after yoga and before gay brunch. I would like to suggest that next week we pray for Perez Hilton, He looks insane. I am glad for him that he lost some weight  but he has also lost all his shirts apparently, I am going to send him some, I suggest we all do the same. 

  • Cpmme8

    Nothing is wrong with Jen. Ur issues are far worse. Leave Jen alone.
    Marriages end. Life goes on. And you dont get to judge Jen about her past lovers.ur a hot mess.I want my $10bucks back. And I will delete the good reviews I gave u..G-d doesn’t like ur prayers for urself.
    Blck girl with no problems.

    • Anonymous

      You know Babe Walker isn’t a real person, right? 

  • Anonymous

    This week there is only one thing/person to pray* for: Jennifer Aniston.  
    This week there is only one thing/person I’m* praying for: Jennifer Aniston.

    Do you happen to need a part time editor? Because my gym is closed for renovations this week and I happen to need a part time hobby.

  • Dee

    I like this post, and have to agree Brad had success with his affair, who Jen hasnt. When is Karma going to catch up with him? (sorry I had ex husband have an affair then after divorce he married his mistress everyone always said karma will get him)

  • Pancholi

    I really can’t take stuff like this against aniston. She’s a wonderful woman and a very good actress. People shouldn’t bug her for what some other people are doing with their life.        She’s taken her life with such a zest after whatever that lose pant pervert did to her. I think she’s a strong woman. 

  • lindsay filomena

    LOVE IT. This is awesome.