A Gift From Me To You

Whenever I feel uninspired, sad, or weak, I like to watch the following videos and re-live Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell’s feud. Naomi just gives me pure power–watching her deal with Tyra in this situation is equivalent to drinking three glasses of champagne, doing two lines of coke, and then smirking at a cunty salesperson and saying, “actually I’ll take four pairs of the Miu Miu noir sunglasses, and thank you sooooooo much for your help,” then feeling kind of guilty for being so rude/drunk and making up for it by giving the salesperson a pair of the sunglasses, but in the color I like the least.




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  • tjo

    cant even finish watching this, tyra makes me vom.  she can’t touch naomi.

  • Bungeebabe6

    Tyra can eat shit

  • FM

    Naomi is a class act

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=580138252 Ana Parra

    Oh god.. Tyra makes me cringe so much.

  • Meg

    How fucking boring.

  • Luminous Vita

    I want to learn how to contour my face with makeup like Naomi.

  • Roxie Vanessa

    When Tyra was ranting about how she did ANTM because of how she felt about Naomi, Naomi should’ve said “You’re welcome.” 

  • Claire

    If  Naomi was a pair of shoes, she would be a pair of studded Louboutin platform pumps.  Incredibly chic and immensely bad ass.
    If Tyra was a pair of shoes, she would be a pair of fake Uggs.  In sequined pink.

  • Jordan Duncan

    I love how when they showed the pictures of Tyra with her mom, Tyra’s mom was all smiley and happy and genuine looking but Tyra was so voguing it up. In a snapshot she was modeling. I still think its so stupid about how she had to bring her mom everywhere with her like she was a baby or something.

    My favorite is how she’s all ‘yeah we are talking to Naomi about junk and stuff’ and then she keeps interrupting everything that Naomi says and then she would not shut up about herself. The whole feud meant so much more to Tyra than it did to Naomi.

  • Jordan Duncan

    This is so about Tyra getting to say what she wanted to say to Naomi in front of a nationwide audience without any repercussions. Obvs Naomi wasn’t going to throw her phone at Tyra on tv (would have loved that so much if she had tho) so she had to sit there and listen to Tyra go on about herself and her ‘struggle’ the whole time.