Art Babe: Tadao Cern

So I met this artist/weirdo/genius at a Memorial Day barbecue last night. He was trying to explain to me what type of “art” he made and I really, really wasn’t getting it. This was partially because he was from Lithuania and his English is not so great, but I should take some of the blame as I was drunker than drunk. I refuse to eat solids at outdoor events.

As he labored over describing his photography style, I was sure he wasn’t explaining it accurately. He said something to the effect of “hot air makes the funny faces. No?” But it turns out he was more accurate than I anticipated. The above photo is a sample of his creepy/sexy work that he has titled “BLOW JOB.”  Bottom line here is that “mouths” sick me the fuck out, but I find his photography fascinating, compelling and angry. It makes me think of this one summer I spent recovering from an accident I had, and all of the art therapy that got me through that dark time.

His name is Tadao. He’s kind of hot and kind of talented. Consider yourself more cultured. You’re welcome.

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