Ask Babe: He’s All Yours

Dear Babe,

Am I being overly judgemental about my ex-husband’s new wife being 20 years younger? I think maybe.

I need to know,



Someone On That Housewives Show,

Who is 20 years younger than whom? The new psycho is 20 years younger than you? Or is she 20 years younger than your ex-husband/her new husband? Or is she 20 years younger than me? Are you 20 years younger than me? What’s the problem here? So many holes in your story. But I understand, and I must say, I’m sorry about whatever you’re going through. It sounds really, really, really tough.

Next time you see her, make sure you’re wearing a super slimming black pants suit and tell her that you “admire” her. It will scare the fuck out of her because she’ll think you’re referring to some future bullshit she’s gonna have to deal with involving her new hubbie/your ex that she doesn’t know about yet. Like a gambling problem, or an AIDS problem.

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