Ask Babe: Lazy Susan

Dear Babe,

I recently made the decision to take the entire summer off (no school/no work) but I’m generally a workaholic and now I’m starting to feel guilty/irrelevant. Should I take up yoga, or can I just continue socialize and sleep in?




Dear Lucky One,

Being irrelevant has nothing to do with how busy you are. I’ve had quite a few relax/not working periods in my life and I feel like they’ve defined who I am as a person. I couldn’t do what I do, if I wasn’t doing the “nothing”, I was doing before. So use this oppurtunity to do some serious soul searching, meditation, exercise, and kegels.

My suggestion is that you go here.

It’s in Chile, but it’s chic as fuck and worth the trip. This is literally the biggest pool in the entire world. The pool reportedly cost 1 Billion dollars to build. You can sail a boat in this fucking pool because it’s almost a mile long and 115 deep. While all of that is great, the real reason to go is that you will never, ever run into anyone that you know. And you cannot, cannot, CANNOT put a price tag on privacy.

Enjoy yourself, don’t be afraid to meet a nice Chilean man, eat some Chilean Seabass and pretend to be in love for the summer. You probably deserve it.



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