Ask Babe: Lez Be Real

Hey Babe.

So I masturbate to lesbian porn, but I’m completely 100% straight. The thought of being with another women grosses me out. So why is it that it turns me on so much???




Dear Lezzie Del Rey,

I totally get off to vagina too. My fave porn sites are all female oriented. There’s something about girls having sex that is just, well…less desperate than dudes. The only time I want to watch a guy jerk off is if he’s my boyfriend and he’s doing it in front of me while saying the following things:

“Your tits look amazing.”

“You’re so thin.”

“Your teeth are so white.”

Basically guys are just muscly sex machines, and it’s boring! When I want to get turned on  by watching someone have sex, I’ll always google lesbian porn. It’s kind of a no-brainer. Women’s bodies are far more attractive than men’s bodies. The end. But also, you could secretly be a lesbian and you just don’t know it yet. Chic.



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  1. Demi Avatar

    Ha! I (heart) you, psycho!!

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