Ask Babe: Golf Buddy

Hi Babe,

I want to get my boyfriend a pair of sunglasses for his birthday. A pair that he could wear golfing but still look chic. Do you have any recommendations?




Dear Elin Nordegren,

I have one question for you. Is your boyfriend Tiger Woods? If the answer is “yes”, then you should get him these sunglasses. Also tell him that “Babe Walker says hello, and that she will never forget the beautiful weekend she spent with you in Georgia.” If the answer is “no”, then I don’t think you need to get your boyfriend any sunglasses at all. In fact, what I think you should get is a new boyfriend, all together. One that doesn’t golf.

Let’s face it: Golf is not chic. Any way you look at it, it’s an unattractive sport. Is it even a sport? I mean it’s the only game where you can be medically obese yet still be a professional. Also, Khakis? Golf Carts? It’s a nightmare.

If you keep going down this dark path you’ll end up marrying a guy who spends every weekend playing 18 holes and then getting drunk with his other fat friends at the clubhouse. Take it for what it’s worth, but you should also know I have a friend who found out that her husband was playing golf and then jerking off his caddy in the steam room afterwards.  Do you honestly want that to happen to you? Because it’s a definite possibility. Good luck!

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