Ask Babe: Wrongness


On the back of your book cover there is a picture of you with red hair. Why? Why do you have red hair? I don’t know how I feel about taking advice from someone with red hair…

Please respond, I’m dying to know why you voluntarily chose to have red hair, because if I recall in your book, you talk about how your natural hair color is a chocolate brown. Why Babe. Why?




Dear “G”,

You, my friend, are color blind. And annoying.

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  • Lauren

    If the curtains don’t match the carpet you are not a true redhead

  • C M Calero

    i’d take advice from babe even if she had a rainbow mohawk.
    but she knows better

  • Jess

    this girl is an idiot.

  • MacKenzie

    red hair is awesome.  i get sad everyday that i can’t pull it off as a brash dye job.

  • GB

    Actually that picture you posted is way lighter than the one on the back of your book.

  • CD

    It totally looks red on the book.  Just sayin.

  • Clarisse Lehmann

    Um. Where does this color scale leave brunettes?

  • Ava

    Color blind and poor, I don’t even know what the back looks like on iPad. Ugh.

  • Ava

    My iPad********

  • SC

    actually, Babe, I had the same color thought and I am definitely NOT color blind. The pic you post above is very obviously NOT the same ‘hue'(?) as the one on the book that I BOUGHT (your welcome) I actually really liked you and just put your story down – but think your reply to “G’ is rude and ignorant – like what’s the big deal, dude. Your hair looks red on the book. Take a look. Its kinda creepy. And we read about you and how pretty you are and want to see you  – duh. Cause I’m also really pretty, and normally don’t even give a crap about engaging in dialogues like this but I like(d) your tale and found your reply annoying.
    just sayin,

    • AH

      Are you slightly retarded? 
      Ps: I’m also really pretty shall we start a club?

  • Jen

    @anyone who bought the actual book and not on ipad eff you. Clealy why does babe give an eff what you then when you had to pick up a copy at some smelly bookstore when you don’t have the class or money to be buying it on your iPad. Clearly you are not chic enough to begin with. Stop being ridiculous and apologize, you probably have to buy your hair color at some discount store. Stop being jealous.

    • yawning

      Please stop trying so hard. And may God have mercy on your soul. 

  • yawning

    Wow. I’m pretty disgusted by these comments. Never has the phrase “Read a book” felt more appropriate. 

    (But really girls, do it. And while you’re at it, probably stop looking down on people who go to bookstores.)

  • Kam

    Babe, its red.