Babe On Film: Jem! And The Holograms

Hey, guess what I realized? Every one of you psychos are probably hungover as shit on Saturday mornings and just want to lay in your beds (or your boyfriends’ beds) and have someone tell you what to get stoned and watch on your Apple TV’s or computers. I get that. So here’s the deal: from now on I’m going to do Babe On Film every Saturday morning, and do Ask Babe on Saturday afternoon. Side Note: I’m a total genius.

This Saturday’s recommendation is a little blast from the past known as Jem! and the Holograms, a classic, 80’s cartoon that is EVERYTHING. I’m not going to explain any further, because it’s Saturday morning and I’m tired, but just know that this cartoon features tons of different outfits and songs that are all beyond amazing. I think the person who invented Jem! also grew various strains of marijuana and was born on Planet Chic. If you have Netflix, you can watch every Jem! episode that ever was. If not, you can start watching on Youtube and work your way around the internet. But seriously, just get Netflix instant.




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  1. Anne Avatar

    Truely outrageous.

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