Beet (Green) Babe

This week, I want all of you psychos to be obsessed with beet greens. They are your boyfriend, your mother, your teacher, your stylist and your photographer. In other words, beet greens are your new raison d’être.

This powerhouse ingredient came into my life several years ago when I blacked out and had a major binge session in my organic root-vegetable garden, since then I’ve sworn by it. These sturdy little greenie guys generally have red veins like a chard and big floppy leaves. One cup has 39.2 calories and zero fat, so enjoy one cup as a snack on a good and two cups as a snack on a bad day. I like to boil a handful of them down into a little pile, spritz with fresh lemon, and then eat with my hands…standing in my kitchen…alone. They are full of vitamin C and one serving has 220 percent of the daily recommendation of vitamin A. So genius.

Other fun beet green projects include:

BG smoothie

BG crackers

BG sauce for sautéed BGs

½ pot, ½ BG joint

BG sorbet

OK, I’ll be posting ingredients and more recipes throughout the week, but for now, everyone get the fuck out to their garden or to their farmers market and prepare for a week of green.

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