Musique Babe: Rufus Wainwright, “Out Of The Game”

One of my favorite spawns of folk music royalty, and supreme queen of astronomically dramatic popera, Rufus Wainwright, dropped his new album this week, or whatever, and I am HAVING A MOMENT. WITH. IT.

This time around, Rufus worked with some new friends. In the producer’s chair was everyone’s girlfriend’s brother, Mark Ronson (right after his blonde thing). I kind of love anything that Mark touches and I’m just saying that if he’s reading this he can text me back if he wants, it hasn’t been too long and it’s not weird. Just text me, Mark. I still totally want to come over and learn how to use a grill, like we talked about!

Whatever, the album is sexy, creepy, and shows a groovier side of Rufus. These are my top picks, aka the songs I that have been on blast in my huge car the past few days.


Ok, the first time I heard this song three days ago, I was sitting on the floor in my closet sketching pictures of cats that kind of looked like bears and I was instantly filled with the best possible creative vibes. It was giving me late 70s Elton John (which I loved in my past life and love even more in my present life) and whisked me through an afternoon of super chic shoulder dancing and mad sketching. It has all of the ingredients for the perfect “me time” song: darkness, condescending lyrics and a steady beat that begs you to free yourself.


This song is about Rufus buying an expensive Tom Ford jacket for an event that he was invited to by someone famous named Rashida. Then, this mystery Rashida person took back the invitation. I honestly have no idea which “Rashida” he could possibly be talking about. The end. Oh, and the jacket is gorgeous.

Bitter Tears

This is some disco shit. Tease hair. Pull your Mother jeans up almost to your tits. Sequins. Vintage Ferragamo. Love. Take an adderall, maybe.


I’m obsessed with musicians writing songs to their kids. Sometimes, if I think about it too hard, I worry that I’ll never truly love my dad until he learns to play guitar or piano and writes a song about me. This track is a message to Rufus’s daughter, Viva, about having two dads and a chic summer home in Montauk, a universal topic for any modern parent.

Get it here, because you’re worth it.

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