Party Babe: G-Star RAW Women’s Night

Hello, lady psychos. I’m hosting a party tomorrow night at the G-Star RAW clothing store on Rodeo Drive. Saying it’s going to be chic is an understatement. There will be drinks (yum) food (um…) and hair/makeup/nail people to make all your beauty dreams come true. So, if you’re a woman, and you’re in Los Angeles tomorrow night, please feel free to stop by.

If you’re not in Los Angeles tomorrow (but you want to be) just get all your hot girlfriends together, go out tonight, find a rich guy with a private jet, tell him you and your friends would “Looooove to fly to LA and attend an A-list party with him/blow him,” and then once you pull up to the store, be like “Oops! Ladies only. Sorryyyyy,” and then get the hell out of his Rolls Royce limo before anyone sees and judges you.

Or just book a flight ASAP and stop being a gold-digger.


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