Ever since Mischa Barton’s “modeling” video assaulted my brain, I’ve been self-medicating and trying to get back to normal. By “self-medicating” I mean I’m doing what I do every time I start to feel crazy when a guy doesn’t text me back: I pull most of my clothes off the hangers and create a little nest in my closet. Then I burrow into it, get stoned, and watch an old VHS copy of Catwalk. Sometimes the only thing that will save me from retreating to a dark, forlorn place is a young Christy Turlington. Thanks to her, I’m 40% less cunty to people.

If you’re feeling a little whacked out, I highly recommend watching this documentary. I’m feeling generous, so I decided to put the whole thing on here. Except for Part 7, which for some reason is blocked. Super sad that you’re missing a major dinner party scene with Azzedine Alaïa, but that’s life, I guess. You should really just bite the bullet and buy this movie on Amazon. Namaste.

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