We Need To Talk About Karl

I’m having an existential crisis: the Chanel 2013 Resort show happened a couple days ago, and I just don’t know what to feel. All the right elements were at play: Versailles, Tilda Swinton, fountains, sunshine, etc. but the clothes…they scared me. I’m trying to wrap my head around them. I’ve looked at the collection 20 times trying to understand what’s going on, and I fundamentally “get it,” but I also just “don’t get it.” I feel like the whole world feels the same way that I do, but is refusing to acknowledge it, or something. Whatever is going on, it’s freaking me the fuck out. Now I have all these questions. Like, am I living in a waking nightmare where suddenly I’m the one who’s not chic? Have I never been chic? Is my entire life a lie?

What is this supposed to mean?

And could I actually be into this guy?

Or this guy?

Is God real?

If God is real, does God hate me?

Am I going to die?

Am I already dead?

Did anyone come to my funeral?

If so, did they look chic? (Please God, tell me they looked chic.)

Is love real?

Am I a good person?

Does nothing even matter anymore?

Is the one element missing in my closet a glamourous-urban-soldier girl look?

A full-length skirt suit moment, perhaps? Grandma-chic?

Am I loving this?

Is it just me, or are these platform sneakers actually kind of amazing?

Also…I would kill for this whole look.

And kind of maybe this one too.

Okay. I think I get it now. Whew! For a second there things were getting really dark for me.






8 responses to “We Need To Talk About Karl”

  1. Betelgeuze Avatar

    How on Earth can Chanel design and produce a line of clothes inspired by the frilliness of Versailles? Seriously, Coco Chanel and Marie Antoinette? Is the world ending now or…?

  2. Clarisse Lehmann Avatar

    Dude, maybe it’s all that baby blue that nauseates you…. I don’t know if I can take it… and was that baby pink I saw too?


  3. Shannah Avatar

    To be quite frank, I think Karl has shit the bed big time over the past few seasons. Spring and Fall 2012 were both hideous and cheap looking, I cried couture tears for the death of Chanel for like 3 weeks maybe. I haven’t liked anything since Pre-Fall 2011. I think Karl has been drinking too much Diet Coke (if there even is such a thing… or maybe it’s just all thatcocaine). 

  4. candylady Avatar

    The pseudo victorian soldier is not one I covet for my personal collection.  I feel you on this one for sure.
    LONG LIVE CHANEL in its true to origin but always updating and chic(er) looks.
    not so much Mr. Lagerfield… sometimes creative genius dries up.  sad really

    1. Bobbi Avatar

      Seriously. His creative genius is shriveling up along with his face.

  5. Jarr Avatar

    This is one of the best things I have ever seen. So much win. 

  6. Pique Avatar

    Gah bring back Galliano

  7. Jacob Avatar

    They look like cheap

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