We’re All Animals!

As you all know, I’m an animal lover. HUGE. When my Dad took me to see Siegfried and Roy for my kindergarten graduation present, I realized that I have a spiritual connection to wild beasts. The animal kingdom is a vast and animal-y place from which I gain inspiration for everything from fashion to dating. One of my favorite things about animals are the cute names that some (old creepy scientist) man has come up with for their “groups.” Since I can remember, I’ve wanted to live with a “band” of apes, or in a “colony” of chinchilla.

You must know what I’m talking about…. a pack of wolves, a crossing of zebras, a knab of toads, a lounge of lizards, a murder of crows, a parliament of owls, a peep of chickens, a destruction of wild cats, a rhumba of rattlesnakes, a bloat of hippopotamuses, etc.

Well, I think it’s time someone created names for some of the trends (good and bad) that we see amongst The Human Animal Kingdom.

Like these…

Here we see a “Shame” of Messy Buns looking semi-chic

A “Chub” of Ugg-Wearers in the wild

A “Cobain” of Hot Smelly Guys I’d probs flirt with at a music festival, if they had a joint

A “Why” of Asian Teletubbie Girls with a rabbit

A “Bless” of Super Chicness

An “Absolutely Not” of Psycho Girlfriends








2 responses to “We’re All Animals!”

  1. Kate Avatar

    Nothing has ever made this much sense to me. Thank you, babe. 

  2. ashley Avatar

    yes. yes yes yes. 

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