Where Do I Go From Here?

Everything was going well for me today. I was enjoying a perfectly safe morning, my barley tea was an appropriate 190F, my breakfast of three almonds was just enough sustenance to get me through my ritual half-mile walk/jog on the treadmill in my closet. Sometimes the almonds make me feel bloaty and fatigued, but not today. I even did the NY Times crossword, which is not easy for me to accomplish without Adderall. The morning was accepting me and encouraging me on my path towards daily renewal.

Then this happened, and I saw it, and I don’t know how to feel.

I’m going back to sleep.



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5 responses to “Where Do I Go From Here?”

  1. Andrea Lane Avatar

    …Mischa’s a furry?

    That explains a couple of things.

  2. Jashana Cheree Avatar

    I feel violated for some reason… and uneasy… that was complete weirdness. 

  3. Vjm Avatar

    mischa must have been on the kink.com tour last month. 

  4. Jordan Duncan Avatar
    Jordan Duncan

    if i had taken some of those fun pills my dentist gives me this would be everything to me right now. but since i’m in my right mind, i pretty much hate it to death.

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