You’re A Babe: Kylie Minogue

Speaking of ageism, let’s talk about Kylie Minogue still looking like a 13 year old. I’ve always been a Kylie fan because being a Madonna fan is so demanding and thankless. Also because she has good taste in celebrities to date. Also because I’m a gay man.

I can’t say that I always understand her personal definition of chic (she’s Australian so that’s not completely her fault), but I love her anyways because she’s always been a loyal source of inspo and thinspo. The video for her new single, which you should immediately be putting on your cardio playlists, is proof that age is nothing but a number and that number is how much you can afford to pay a really, really fucking good plastic surgeon.

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  • Betelgeuze

    Google up her newest Cannes pics. Her disturbingly high right brow is a typical example of botox gone wrong.

    • Rudnyek

      No, in the videos you can see she raises her eyebrows to pose