Ask Babe: Chic Booze?


Now that it’s summer, I like to replace approximately 60 percent of my meals with alcohol. Partially because I think it’s insulting to wear a Missoni bikini when you’re flabby, and partially because it makes summer activities more interesting. So, what’s chic to drink?



Dear Betty Ford,

When it comes to alcohol, clear is always the way, though I will make an exception for champagne or a white wine on special occasions. Basically just stay away from brown liquor. It’s a nightmarish calorie fiesta that I want no part of. Drinking is the ultimate exercise in self-flagellation: So many carbs, so much sugar, all to feel kind of fucked up. I much prefer to smoke weed or do coke, just saying. Don’t tell anyone that.

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  • Usctrojansfan15

    um, munchies?

  • Laurel

    Eat the rainbow, drink no color. Got it. Chic.

  • Claudia

    Babe red wine rich in poly phenols prevents your body from storing fat. The French drink it. It’s chic.

  • Clarisse Lehmann

    I would say that if you are going to drink, eat less…. or not at all.

  • Zoe York

    Oh you are such a rookie Babe! I used to believe in only clear drinks and occasional wine and/or champagne in my teens too. If you and whatsherface who wrote you are talking about booze with the least carbs and calories “staying away from brown” is the dumbest thing you’ve ever said. Jack Daniels has ZERO carbs, no gluten, no fat and low calories (for alcohol that is). Now, whether you think Jack D is rock chic or hillbilly trashy is another story.