Ask Babe: Fan Fiction

Hello Babe.

I’ve written you a poem, inspired by my experiences of your blog.

Lines read, lines deepen

as I smirk.

Noise through the nose – funny, yes;

but also


Reading speeds increase

as need for words increase

Ask Babe. Ask Babe Babe Beet Greens.

I know.

I know.

I can’t with this. I just-

Burger. Toasted. Burrito, hastily given.

Fries, willingly given. Willingly given.

Ask Babe. Movie Babe.

Soaring spirit, crashing.

Mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup, I wipe from my mouth.

Bacon double cheese burger.

Kevin Bacon double cheeseburger.

Cindy Crawford.

Condemns with condiment tears.



 Dearest Edgar Allen Poe,

I’m honored that I inspired you to write this poem. It is really well written. I was totally on board with this work until you started in with condiments and burgers, etc…

I’m all for ironic food references, but since we’ve never met I could’t really tell if you were actually stuffing your face with death whilst writing this poetic love letter to me. But keep at it and keep sending me your work. In fact, maybe we should have a Beat Babe Poetry Contest? Let me think about it.

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