Ask Babe: Lana’s Back


What are your thoughts on Lana Del Rey’s take on Jackie O and the video in general?

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I love a video email. I’ll take more of those please, to whoever’s listening.

Lana Whatever is still unclear to me. She’s just sooooo that older sister who gave everyone head in Junior High and so everyone thinks you’re a slut just because you happen to be related to her. Not that there’s anything wrong with giving lots of head. A woman should give as much head as she wants. Anyways, this video is boring for me. The whole Jackie O concept was lost on me in five seconds so I decided to give myself a henna tattoo instead.



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13 responses to “Ask Babe: Lana’s Back”

  1. Sick City Windows Avatar

    i had no idea jfk was black.

  2. kittenmitten Avatar

    its A$AP Rocky.

  3. xyz Avatar

    Loathe her.

  4. lesnaxxx Avatar

    she’s taken the perpetual duck face pout way too far… not chic.

  5.  Avatar

    I have mixed feelings about her, too.. maybe I am just jealy because she is pretty and talented

  6. C Hickmon Avatar
    C Hickmon

    So JFK is black and has a grill…interesting…who knew

  7. Guest Avatar

    here’s a song for ya….Lana del rey …go A way…rhymes and everything

  8. Yawn Avatar

    Does it really matter whether or not her JFK is black? The video would have no more or less meaning if he were white. I
    Leave your suburbs, ladies.

  9. LMA Avatar

    HOLY SHIT!!! That is so fucking racist! What a horrible person for making that video. I bet EVERYONE besides the black actors were white. They have no idea how racist that whole video is, and offensive. Not every black person wears sunglasses and gold chains. If I was black, I would do something.

    1. EpicLove Avatar

      I don’t remember the part of the video that said all black people wear sunglasses and gold chains…?

    2. Patricia Avatar

      Just… go home

  10. Archduke Morgan Bunny Glines Avatar

    This video offends every fiber of my being, not because of whatever racist undertones or whatever. (Snore.) The Kennedys were like the textbook definition of old money glamor. (No other money matters. The whole internet/technology whatever boom really destroyed the whole “self made” thing for me.) However, she looks painfully Fred Segal/Melrose Avenue/ hipster/new money, as does the entire video. I need a giant bloody mary.

    Dear Lana,

    I really liked you, and for a while I talked you up to everyone who would listen, and now you have betrayed me. I will never trust a female pop star under 30 again. Rihanna did the same thing when she dyed her hair red and made super faggy disco crap after Rated R, which was badass. I digress… Lana, please go fuck yourself and tell Rihanna to please do the same.


  11. girlfran Avatar

    People are so hung ho on this jackie o think that they are missing the dualism in this video. Marilyn Monroe sang happy bday to jfk, for one thing, so LDR is acting as both of them (whatever Jackie O vis-a-vis Marilyn Monroe stands for). Then later in the she’s got the cutest mixed kids ever.

    I think she’s just got really good management or whatever. 

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