Ask Babe: Rules Of Bald

Hey Babe,

My boyfriend’s hairline is receding. I’m concerned with what this will say about me and am afraid he will be prematurely bald before we can even get married. My therapist says I’m too concerned with my self image and my BFF told me to read that book “Love the One You’re With” but I know you’ll speak the truth. Should I dump him? Can bald men ever be hot?

Thanks Babe,



Dear Disciple,

This is totally valid question, but I’m afraid there is a very complicated and varied answer. The “rules of bald” have only to do with the man in question and his whole face/head shape/neck/skin scenario. In other words, how is your boyfriend really gonna look as his balding progresses?

There are three ways this can go.

Option 1: Not Everything Should Be Thin

This is an unfortunate example of option 1. If this is what you are seeing on your BF then you need to convince him to move onto option 2.

Option 2: Clean As A Whistle

Some guys can pull this of, some can’t, but it’s your job to determine if it’s working. Guys are not great about determining how they look…ever. When it works, it’s amazing and when it doesn’t it’s sicker than sick. Taye is pulling it off below:

Option 3: The Jude Law

Sometimes receding hair just looks right. If the guy is hot enough then the retreat of follicles comes across as….endearing.

You, my dear, have to come to terms with your situation. But I will say that finding a good guy isn’t an easy task. So, even if your vanity is telling you otherwise, and as long as he is regularly going down on you, I would stick it out.

But if he looks as bas as Brendan Fraser in the above picture I wouldn’t judge you for ending things. That’s just me though.

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  • Lindsay

    you forgot bruce willis and jason statham!! they both have shaved heads but let a tiny bit of what hair they have show a little…super sexy if you ask me!

    • Anonymous

      Everything is sexy… but most of the people forget how sexy it is when someone is intelligent… and your partner. No matter the looks. When you can converse with someone in an intelligent way, when he or she agrees with you or disputes, so you can have an intelligent conversation and dispute… other than what football team is the best or what kind of shoes you like. It’s so shallow and pointless to talk about these stupid, shallow things that don’t matter. AT ALL.

  • Clarisse Lehmann

    If you are super vain just make him get hair implants. duh.

    • Anonymous

      Your reply is as stupid as her question. Go get a life. See a therapist. A European one.

  • Anonymous

    Great advice. Just leave him, he’s growing bald. Who cares about the other  things in this stupid world anyway? Just looking awesome, like an actor is all that’s important. How more shallow can this utterly stupid society get? We can’t all look like film stars, and if we did, it would lose all meaning. Do you understand what I mean? How we look is natural and we should appreciate our natural look. Not the wax figure look, or a Barbie look,  or the worst – Photoshopped look, meaning – not real… everything here is not real. It’s just a vanity fair. Terrible.  I pity you. Go visit a psychotherapist. A good one.

  • Anonymous

    Babe, you are an idiot.

    • Alexandra McIntyre

      What the actual fuck? Get off babe’s blog, you sick psycho.

  • Mike

    With that kind of asinine superficiality, your boyfriend could do better than you. He should dump you, not the other way around. How shallow are you?