Ask Babe: Shoe Story

Hi Babe,

I assume that you get this question a lot, but why the Hell does the cover of your book not feature Louboutins? This must be your publisher’s fault because let’s be honest, a white girl without a pair of Louboutins has a huge problem, unless the shoes featured are Choo, Manolo, or Bottega Veneta.

Love you Babe,



Dear Shoe Gay,

A) They’re Prada. If you look closely, you can see a blurry spot on the sole where they (publisher) attempted to photoshop out the label.

B) Die.

C) Just kidding, don’t die.



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6 responses to “Ask Babe: Shoe Story”

  1. Clarisse Lehmann Avatar

    Uh- it’s called copyright. I think.

  2. Sick City Windows Avatar

    I hate that people keep trying to make Louboutin happen, in the process making them totally not happen.


  3. Ash Ley Avatar

    IT could have been a fearless YSL. The shoes label wont make or break the book.

  4. Yawn Avatar

    Fact: Louboutins on the cover would have been incredibly contrived.

  5. Jbranam9 Avatar

    I’d like to know what kinda gum that is??? just kidding who the fuck cares! the books awesome! just saying..

  6. OG818 Avatar

    Babe, how do you even deal? Next, shoe newbie’s gonna ask how you walk in those “things”. These are clearly 5″ suede Prada platforms….duh. Don’t bother her with these nonsensical inquiries.

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