Ask Babe: Vicodon’t

Dear Babe,

Thoughts on Vicodin, chic or not chic?




Dear Amy Winehouse,

Do you see how happy Chandler is in the above picture? Back when he was making 40 billion dollars an episode on FRIENDS? Back when he was fucking Neve Campbell? That’s because this picture was taken well before he became seriously addicted to VIC.

So let’s just say “Not Chic” to any and all narcotic pain killers.

Do you realize how many celebs have died from mixing pain killers like Vicodin with anti-anxiety meds and cocaine. Stay away from this shit. Also Vicodin has one of the most disgusting side-effects lists I’ve ever read. I wouldn’t wish some of these things on my worst frenemy:

1. Seizures (scary)

2. Clammy skin (sick)

3. Paranoia (this is so dark)

4. Hallucinations (sometimes fun, but not in this case)

5. Severe weakness (like you need to be any weaker than you already sound?)

6. Dizziness (no)

7. Hyperventilation (never)

8. Unconsciousness (not that terrible, but also not convenient)

9. Jaundice (yellowing of eyes or skin makes you look super deceased and unless it’s around Halloween this is not a good look)

10. Decreased appetite (this is the only one that works in your favor but it’s not worth it)

11. Sweating (um…bye)

12. Hot flashes (early menopause?)

13. Altered sex drive (this one is confusing. Does this mean more sex drive, or less?)

So as you can see, you mustn’t go down this dark road if you have any respect for yourself or your body or your boyfriend or me.

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