Babe On Film: Models Falling

It’s one of those Saturdays where I need a pick-me-up. Smash cut to me watching one of favorite genre of films: the ones where models trip/fall/die (but not really) (but their career does) (but not really) (but kind of).

This compilation of Christian Dior runway mishaps has convinced me that John Galliano must be cursed.

Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief event last year in Cannes brought the major falls. A) I’m dying for that Prada striped fur. B) That girl in the gold should have crawled off the runway and into the unemployment line.

But it’s important to note that Naomi had the most epic fall of all time, so she was probably just hoping that someone would wipe out at her fashion show so we’d all forget. The way she handles herself in this David Letterman interview is amazing, because she’s so chic but you know she secretly wants to cut him for bringing it up:




Thanks for traveling down that dark road with me.

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  • ASmoke

    I’m against the fur industry and all, but PETA is so annoying. So many animal protection programs that are so much better. 

  • David Ross

    I can’t believe how fucking chic Gisele was in dealing with that moron with the poster.

  • Sick City Windows

    I love the Dior model who pushed the PETA pyscho off the catawalk. love


  • Emily Hope

    So, I know the girl who fell on the burberry catwalk. I sort of want to show her this but she’d probably kill me. It is also noteable that she was only 17 and was her first major catwalk!

  • Danielle

    The best pick-me-up is def when they fail to regain composure because they CAN’T STOP fucking falling. Also, the title “longest beautiful model fall” is my favorite.