Beauty Babe: The Fight To Glow

There are three makeup nightmares that have threatened my bliss-level regularly ever since I was a child, and started hiring makeup artists to apply foundation to my delicate mug. They are: “Cake Face,” “Drab Face,” and “Rorschach Face.” “Cake Face” refers to the catastrophe that occurs when a girl (or fancy man) has so much foundation on that the skin literally looks two times thicker than it actually is. Think Goldie or Meryl in Death Becomes Her. “Drab Face” is a condition where your makeup might look fine but your skin is still lacking in overall luminescence. No matter what your face is saying to the world, you know deep down inside that your skin isn’t living up to its full potential. And finally, “Rorschach Face” is when your face is a splotchy mess. Maybe you’ve been crying about a text someone did or didn’t send you, or maybe you’ve been crying because you realized that you’ll never marry Leo, or maybe karma has finally caught up with you and turned you into into a splotchy person in general. I’ve been in all three situations and they suck.

I’ve obvi been spending a lot of time with the products from Benefit Cosmetics since my partnership with them started . So during a quick shopping spree at their store this week, I self-prescribed a combination of products that are kind of changing my life and saving me from the aforementioned facial danger zones. I thought I’d share my findings with all of you psychos since I get about 10 emails a second asking for skincare advice. Here’s the deal:

Before applying foundation, it’s important that my pores are non-existent, so I prime my skin with the POREfessional, a translucent, oil-free balm. Oil-free is so important, if the word “oil” appears anywhere in your bathroom, slap yourself, then slap your friends for not being on top of this for you. This product takes my pores from yacht size to Italian speedboat size.

Then, I foundate. I’m prone to a light/medium coverage, so I’m using Benefit’s Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! Brightening Makeup in Champagne. It has SPF 25, and it promotes major, major, MAY-JOR skin hydration which is soooooo key. I don’t know about you, but I want my face cells basically drowning whenever they can, so I don’t look 70 when I’m 30. I (my makeup people) apply foundation with a brush, but I’m told you can blend this one with your hands as well, which would be acceptable if hands weren’t so exposed to the elements and dirts everywhere, but whatever. The judgement call is yours to make.

After all my foundation needs have been met, I highlight with Watt’s Up!, which is a cream-to-powder translucent highlighting stick. This is what I call my “makeup-free” look.

I would tell you what concealer I use, but that would mean admitting I get breakouts, which I’m not comfortable with at this time. I’m emotionally naked enough for one day. Baby steps. If you want to pick up your own Hello Flawless foundation, you can do so here. Benefit offers nine different shades, so you can pick the best shade story for your weird skin or whatever. I can’t do everything for you, OK? I have a really busy day. As always, make sure you use the promo code GIRLPROBLEMS when you place your order and you’ll get a free They’re Real! Mascara Mini.

You’re welcome to thank me in compliments via email.

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  • Sad face

    Babe, or whoever just took over this blog,

    If you’re going to try to hawk makeup to your readers, would it kill you to at least make your post entertaining? You’ve lost your voice and sound like an excitable teen.

    Please, I love this blog. Dont destroy it with posts like these!

  • Frombo

    selling out is chic

  • claudia

    ugh babe like we’re really supposed to believe you only use BENEFIT products.. please we all know your birkin/kelly/whatever is stocked with chanel, ysl and maybe some tom ford and you sleep in a bathtub of la mer. i just don’t know if i can keep reading what sounds like  something a thirteen year old suburban girl texted her friend after her shopping spree at Target. no more of this, please.

  • claudia

    i’m just going to tell myself you were on a lot of ativan when you wrote this post.

  • Hippie Chic

    I agree with all of the below posts, but hey then again, if I were being paid as much money as you are to sell out, I’d probably sell out too, so loves! But, I do have to say that you are incorrect about the oil. There are actually many natural cold pressed plant oils which are really, really beneficial to the skin. Every single makeup and skincare product is going to contain some type of oil or oily ingredient, whether it’s clearly recognizable in the ingredients list or not. Most traditional (even super high end) cosmetics and personal care products will contain petroleum derivatives instead of the healthier, higher quality, more environmentally friendly natural oils and other natural ingredients which beauty products used to contain. Woman had beautiful glowing skin before we started putting chemicals and petroleum in everything, so pretty sure if we went back to using those products now, we could still have  beautiful glowing skin. There are lots of products out there now that are chic, healthy, natural and good for the environment, high quality, and will give you just as beautiful a finish as these products or any other popular cosmetics, even rivaling YSL, Chanel, La Mer, etc.